A Song for Everyone

This was my first album and was produced as a kind of experiment to see if I could pull the whole thing off all by myself. I really wish I could find time to re-master this album, and perhaps one day I will, because I must admit to rushing it out before learning some of the finer aspects of audio production.

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When I started this album I did so to get back into making music after a very long time. Most of my instruments were so old that the electronics on them were too noisy to use but I did have some hex pickups and Roland V-Guitar and V-Bass emulators that I could use.

I bought myself a cheep Focusrite USB interface, some sound libraries, a MIDI keyboard, a budget MIDI guitar, a condenser mic and off I went.

I didn't really know what I was doing, I just had to do it.

Most of the songs were simply inspired by messing with my newly acquired sound libraries; although I knew I had to do a bass guitar track and a rock song (I thought it would be expected from me being best know for being a bass player in a rock band many years ago).

It was only after I had finished this album that I bought some better instruments, better interface, and began learning more about the finer arts of production etc.